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Armenian (eastern, classical) virtual keyboard

The Armenian (eastern, classical) virtual keyboard allows you to enter characters with a click of your mouse. There’s no need to change your keyboard layout anymore. The transliteration of each supported character is displayed on the right side of the character. You can then directly transliterate your text from one script to the other according to the selected transliteration system.

Transliteration system: ISO 9985

The international standard ISO 9985 from 1996 establishes a system for the transliteration into Latin characters of modern Armenian characters. Note that in this scheme, č (signifying չ) collides with the Hübschmann-Meillet transliteration (where it signifies ճ).
This system is recommended for international bibliographic text interchange (it is also the base of simplified romanizations found to localize the Armenian toponomy or for transliterating persons names), where it works very well with the common ISO 8859-2 Latin encoding used in Central Europe.

Other transliteration systems for Armenian (eastern, classical)

The other currently supported transliteration systems for Armenian (eastern, classical) are: BGN/PCGN, and Hübschmann-Meillet.

Armenian (eastern, classical) books

Elementary Modern Armenian GrammarElementary Modern Armenian Grammar
by , editors Adamant Media Corporation (2005)

Beginner’s ArmenianBeginner’s Armenian
by , editors Hippocrene Books (1999)

Guide de conversation arménienGuide de conversation arménien
by , editors Assimil (2011)

Parlons arménien : langue et cultureParlons arménien : langue et culture
by , editors L’Harmattan (2008)

L’arménien de pocheL’arménien de poche
by , editors Assimil (2008)

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Other supported languages

The other supported languages are: Abkhaz, Adyghe, Armenian (western), Azerbaijani (Azeri), Bashkir, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Carrier, Cherokee, Georgian, Greek, Ingush, Inuktitut, Japanese, Kazakh, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian, Tamazight, Ukrainian, and Vai.

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